Miniature Silver Tiles for Dollhouses (3.75"x7.6" sheet)

Miniature Silver Tiles for Dollhouses (3.75"x7.6" sheet)
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Dollhouse Wall and Floor Tiles

Self-adhesive aluminium mosaic, brushed. Dimensions: 19.3 x 9.6 cm or 7.6" x 3.75", 18 x 9 tiles . The surfaces of our mosaic tiles are made of aluminium in an elaborate process and applied with high precision to a self-adhesive backing material. Colouring: With a quick-drying synthetic resin varnish (e.g. car paint) from the spray can, the tiles can be painted in any desired colour easily and without problems without closing the joints with the varnish. Grouting: Grouting of the joints, which are only 0.75 mm wide, is not necessary. However, if you prefer a coloured grout, make sure that you use a grout for glass or metal tiles that is made without quartz sand, as this can otherwise damage the lacquered surface.
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