Shingles and Roofing and Siding

Want to shingle the roof of your dollhouse? Need to add some wood siding to make your dollhouse come to life.

How we make dollhouse shingles: Dollhouse shingles are made in a couple of different ways. The most common is for them to be hand split from one block of cedar wood. This method gives you the most realistic wood cedar shingles for your dollhouse. Some other methods of creating roofing include vaccuum forming roof tile sheets for your dolls house
How to shingle a dollhouse roof: The easiest way we've found to shingle a roof is to glue each shingle on with a hot glue gun. If you don't want to use a hot glue gun our next best recommendation is Quick Grip Glue. It's a silicone based glue that's bound to keep those shingles stuck. Once all the shingles are glued on you can leave them as they come or stain them a colour of your choosing.
How to make a dollhouse roof: Your dollhouse kit should have come with a roof already but if you're building from scratch you want to make sure the angles of your roof line up to make assembly easier.
How to stain dollhouse shingles: The best way to stain your cedar shingles is after they're already glued onto your roof. Simply take a kitchen sponge, or some paper towel, and wipe on the stain. Use a light coat and allow to dry. If you're not happy with the depth of the colour you can always go back over the shingles with a second coat of stain.
Dollhouse roof ideas: Don't want to use the standard cedar shingles? There are a ton of other options. Have you considered miniature slate roofing tiles? Could your dolls house use some thatched roof material to make it a storybook cottage. What about using some terracotta roof tiles to make your dollhouse Spanish inspired.

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