Miniature Porcelain 'David' Doll by Patsy Thomas

Miniature Porcelain 'David' Doll by Patsy Thomas
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This miniature doll has a mostly porcelain body with fabric and wire legs and arms making it posable. David has fair skin, brown hair, and green eyes. This doll is sporting brown leather shoes, brown trousers, a red shirt, a blue and white striped vest, and a large brown corduroy jacket with a leather collar and elbow patches that match his news boy cap.

This doll is handcrafted by Patsy Thomas. Although we do try to keep these unique dolls in stock they are handmade, so we may have to special order them. The 1/12th scale piece measures ~ 6-3/8" tall x 2-1/4" wide x 1" deep

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