Garage Accessories

Hello there, we are revamping our website, and as a result we do not have any items in this category while we are working on it.

We have a very large variety of items that can go into a garage, except cars, of course!! Hehe, I don't know many people who actually keep cars in their full scale ones, never mind their mini ones!! What we do keep in ours are rusted hubcaps and wheel rims, jacks, various lubricants, garage wipe up cloths, lots of tools, both hand and table types.

We have garage clocks, oil funnels and dirty pans, compressors and even duct and masking tape rolls.

Oh Yeah, how can forget a girly calendar for the boys??? We have that too.

If you are close enough to take a look, come in to our store, we are open 10-6 every day 12-5 on Sundays, or give us a call toll free at 888 - 763-8966 and we will send you pictures of the items that might interest you.

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Miniature Red Moving Dolly

Miniature Red Moving Dolly

Dollhouse Scale Model Tool Set

Miniature Garbage Bags Box

Miniature Black Bicycle

Miniature Red Bicycle

Garbage Can Pail

Dollhouse Scale Model Tool Box

Displaying 1 to 34 (of 34 Products)