Lukas Flexible Boy Doll by Erna Meyer

Lukas Flexible Boy Doll by Erna Meyer
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This boy doll, Lukas, is Caucasian has blue eyes and dirty blonde hair that's short in the back with a fringe across his forehead. Lukas is wearing a colourful striped sweater, black shoes, blue jeans, and a soft grey scarf. This doll measures ~ 2" wide x 1" deep x 5" tall.

This doll has a molded head covered in fabric with handpainted facial features. His body is bendable with a wire armature inside a padded stockinette covering. You cannot change his clothes but he is a very posable doll that is also durable and appropriate for children or hobbyists over the age of three.

Erna Meyer dolls are German dolls but are in dollhouses all around the world! Erna Meyer handcrafts flexible dolls that are easy to pose and have extraordinary attention to detail.

Erna Meyer dolls can fill any dollhouse as they are sold individually or as family sets. These dolls are fun, flexible, and affordable.

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