Signs #2 Plastic Veneer Sheets for Dollhouses

Signs #2 Plastic Veneer Sheets for Dollhouses
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Signs #2.
Includes "Restaurante" "King's Head" "Dump-Y-Brat Daycare Center" "Gas" "Eat" "Ice Cream" "Blacksmith" "Gift Shop" "Warehouse" "Pharmacy" "Gunsmith and Rifles" "Irish Pub" "Railroad Crossing" "Food" "Fishing Charters" "Trading Post" "Cheese Shoppe" "Stop" "Winery Daily Tours" "St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church" "Cold Storage" "Boots" "Curl-Up and Dye Hair Salon" "Fishing Tackle" "Beware of the Trains" "Drug Store"

Plastic Veneer Sheet 15.5"x15.5" 3-D PLASTIC PATTERNED VENEER SHEETS. The plastic veneer sheets are made of a specially formulted styrene, which includes rubber and other additives for improved strength, flexibility, weather and UV resistance. The matte finish on both sides gives good adhesion for glue and paint. 1 Inch Scale, also referred to as 1/12 or 1:12 scale; which means 1 inch equals 1 foot.
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