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At one point Walmer was it's own company, and then, quite sometime ago Real Good Toys bought them out. Since Walmer had it's own large following and to create perceived competition, RGT decided to leave the line intact, and produces it now as it's lower end bargain line. As a result you will notice that some of the houses are very similar. For instance Kiwi Cottage and Victorian Cottage JR or The Vermont Farmhouse JR and the Peaches and Cream. The differences that are most visible are these: a-line attics are much lower in the Walmer line, none of the Walmer dollhouses include shingles, and the interior walls are not set up to receive doors, they are just short - so you kind of walk around them. While the shells are 3/8th sturdy ply or MDF the trim and gingerbread is made from much lower grade 1/8 inch luann plywood. But the price points are very attractive! Give us a call if you are trying to decide between a couple of models, we'd be happy to help you choose!

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Lilliput 2 Story Gable Addition
Lilliput 2 Story Gable Addition

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