Chandelier Lighting

Here you will find our collection of swarovski crystal and handmade ceiling dollhouse lights, they can be wired with either the round wire, or the tape wire method. Here at our shop we highly recommend round wire and we use this method on every finished dollhouse that comes out of our workshop.

Here are our reasons:
It is far more reliable then tape, imagine the tape wire is microns thick, every time the dollhouse is moved, or it is subject to normal contraction and expansion, there is a possibility of a break, every time you plug or unplug fixtures you move the brads a little - so eventually - and most sooner then later you loose some connections since you keep enlarging the holes.

Since we like our ceiling lights ( especially these high end ones ) to be removable, we combine round wire with cirkit canopies 6.99ea that do not appear on this site yet, you can order them by phone or write them into the comment section

From time to time we offer wiring workshops here, where you get 4 hours of solid wiring training, but our guys are always willing to chat, so call or drop in.

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Dollhouse Scale Daphne Chandelier

Miniature Serenade Chandelier

Miniature White Vivian Chandelier

Miniature Daisy Chandelier

Miniature Florence Chandelier

Miniature Cascade Chandelier

Miniature Lizette Chandelier

Miniature Golden Grape Chandelier

Displaying 1 to 36 (of 114 Products)