Miniature White Ceiling Fan with Tulip Light

Miniature White Ceiling Fan with Tulip Light
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This miniature white ceiling fan and light has blades like leaves and an LED bulb in a tulip shaped shade attached to a turned body. Though the fan is non-functional the light runs on a battery in the fixtures base. This flower fan and light combination is perfect for a whimsical dollhouse, the 1/12th scale piece measures 2-5/16" long.

The included magnet is required to adhere the lamp to the ceiling or wall. The magnet should be used to attach the light. We suggest gluing the magnet to the wall, instead of the sticky pad for better adhesion. The sticky pad can be used for the initial placement, just like a trial run, then to be replaced by the magnet.

This miniature is equipped with a battery for your convenience. Batteries will last 30-50 hours depending on the model and bulbs will last approximately 5,000 hours. Bulbs are not replaceable. The On/Off switch and batteries are located in the the base of the lamp.

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