Miniature White Angora Cat by Karl Blindheim

Miniature White Angora Cat by Karl Blindheim
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This full scale miniature sitting Angora cat has white hair and blue eyes. This 1/12th scale cat, a lovely pet for your dollhouse family, is painstakingly handcrafted by renowned Canadian artisan Karl Blindheim.

Karl Blindheim is a Canadian artist who has been working in the miniature world for over 45 years. He has specialised in accurate miniature reproductions of pedigree dogs and cats for breeders, handlers and judges worldwide for a few decades. He also enjoys private commissions of a variety of pets, wild animals, birds and reptiles primarily in 1:12 inch scale and also 1:24th scale.

Karl has been working on projects for collectors, associations, breed clubs and museums throughout North America, Asia and Europe. If you have a want or a need for an original miniature, or anything not pictured in our vast selection below, we would be happy to arrange for a customised sculpture or commission.

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